KNEKT was a passion project started in October 2013 by Kyle Maligro, Bodi Orton and Harry Antipala. Three long time friends with a love for the ocean and innovative design. The company was always about quality products, fun and shared experiences.

That foundation allowed them to create an entirely new category of products for the GoPro camera. KNEKT designed and released the first pistol grip trigger, a product so innovative it was granted two patents by the USPTO. KNEKT then went on to change the game completely by designing the first dome port for the GoPro housing. The KNEKT Dome Port has created iconic images shared by the most prestigious web and print publications in the world. This was followed by other firsts like the trigger activated dive tray and trigger pole. All of those accomplishments would be meaningless without the joy and community that they created. More than a brand KNEKT became a family. A Family of people around the world that are passionate about their experiences and environment.

In April 2019, after five plus years of fun and innovation Harry, Bodi and Kyle decided to wind it down and discontinue manufacturing. KNEKT was always a passion project but life outside of that passion has gotten to busy for them to keep it going.

That is where Matt Hipsley from Salty Surf Housings stepped in. 

Matt has been manufacturing aluminium camera housings since 2015, and always loved what the KNEKT family were doing for the GoPro. And after seeing that they were closing down, Matt begun discussions with KNEKT to continue the brand from the Salty operation in Australia.

A deal was signed for Salty Surf Housings to exclusively manufacture and distribute KNEKT products with full blessing from the original KNEKT team.

Salty Surf Housings will continue to produce the much loved KNEKT products for the GoPro, and expand the KNEKT product line with triggers and domes for the DJI OSMO Action, Sony RX0ii, and any new action cameras that can benefit from KNEKT products.